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Friday, 31st July 2015by culture HQ

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dthe four times British Hairdresser of the Year waxed lyrical about the importance of hairdressers continuing to collaborate with other creatives for not just their own benefit, but for positive industry evolution and growth.

“I judge a lot of awards and watching the industry year on year progressing, working with photographers, working with stylists, working with makeup artists, working with outside people as opposed to just doing hair, is good for us collectively,” he said. “I believe the thing that is missing from our industry more than anything is the synergy between hairdressers and the rest of the fashion industry… Our work needs to be fashion relevant, because if it isn’t, then it’s just hairdresser relevant.”

Do you think we can get too caught up in our own bubbles sometimes that it prevents us moving forward? Are we like racehorses wearing blinkers, so narrow is our focus that we can’t see the forest for the trees? Collaborating with other creatives, looking outside our usual avenues for inspiration and exploring fresh new possibilities with in our professional lives are all ways we can dig ourselves out of being stuck in the proverbial mud, even when we don’t realise we are bogged.

As Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We’ve been practicing this philosophy ourselves lately, as our creatively talented team has been wearing its new pop|culture hats on a slew of exciting projects, a couple of which you’ll see in this issue. pop|culture is the creative arm of the culture Media business and can provide a bevy of services including event and photo shoot production, marketing, and a range of creative project management from copy-writing to design and custom printing. Within industry parameters, our team produced the Hair Expo Monday Night Gala show for Schwarzkopf Professional, and for something completely different we’re event managing and promoting the all new Australian Body Art Festival, a three-day creative collaboration of body painting, fashion, street art, music, photography, beauty and street culture that’s bound to draw international attention. See our cool collaborative body art story on page 114 and our backstage reportage of the Monday night Hair Expo show on page 46 for a taste of what pop|culture is all about!

We’ve also got lots of personal insights and words of wisdom from hairdressing luminaries in this, our Winter edition. Dennis Langford gives us a raw and at times intimate insight into life at the top following his Hair Expo Hall of Fame induction that he shares with brother Graham on page 112. The newly crowned Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year Dmitri Papas tells us how his alternate career path as a gigolo just didn’t work out (lol) as we showcase his stunning prize winning collection. And as mentioned above, Akin Konizi is our guest for Working Lunch (page 12), where he talks about all manner of things including using neuroscience for better business practice and how he needed months of physio following an injury sustained during a game of ping-pong… sorry Akin, I know you’re going to curse me when you read that!



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Friday, 31st July 2015by culture HQ