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Wednesday, 22nd April 2015by culture HQ


Wow it’s been a big month! Hair Expo finalist announcements. New technology from ghd. More amazing eco chic hair colour from Aveda. The best hairdressers in the country live and unplugged at Wild Life’s epic Open Mic Night. Up close and personal with one of hairdressing’s most revered creative geniuses, Angelo Seminara. And that was just in five days. By the time Easter hit no wonder most of the industry was exhausted… or in rehab.

But that was just the start for us at cultureHQ, as we frantically toiled in lieu of chocolate eggs to bring you this fabulous Autumn issue. And seriously, you don’t get a much better showcase than culture when it comes to celebrating the formidable talent this industry boasts. Okay, I might be biased but let me argue my point…

Hair Expo Australian Hairdressing Awards finalists: the inimitable Frank Apostolopoulos, defending his Australian Hairdresser of the Year title yet again and trying to nab a hat trick. Without a doubt Frank is one of global hairdressing’s hottest commodities. He is a creative inspiration and an educational icon and mentor who has affected so many hairdressers’ lives. His photographic work is respected, admired and unsurprisingly, mimicked everywhere. Oh well, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, don’t they? See Frank’s incredible work in our gallery of Hair Expo finalists.

Joey Scandizzo, my interviewee for this issue’s Working Lunch: I don’t know if everyone loves Raymond, but they sure do love Joey. And why not? He’s charming and talented and embraces life like he has a terminal disease… with gusto and appreciation and very low levels of stress. According to Joey, if you can’t have fun in your life, what’s the point? We could all learn a few lessons from this charismatic hairdresser, but Joey’s journey to success hasn’t been without its challenges.

Akin Konizi – not many can claim winning the coveted British Hairdresser of the Year title four times, but Akin can. Not that he boasts about it. Akin is quite shy and modest, but man, can this guy do hair! I had the pleasure of seeing him in action in Singapore last year at De Lorenzo’s annual conference and even though I’m a journalist, not a hairdresser, I was completely mesmerised by the talent of this unassuming man. Read more about him in the Autumn issue and don’t miss the opportunity to see him up close and personal at Hair Expo this year.

Sharon Blain, who celebrates 50 years in hairdressing in 2015. There’s not too many people who haven’t been touched by this dynamic doyenne of hairdressing at some time during their career. Sharon is an absolute powerhouse – an incredible educator and trailblazing businesswoman, but also a generous and kind mentor who readily shares her amazing wealth of knowledge for the sole purpose of inspiring our next generation of hairdressing talent. And let’s face it, now in her mid 60s, Sharon deserves to be taking a step back and putting her feet up (although with the amount of accidents she’s had over the past few years there has been a bit of that forced upon her anyway). But no, she’s still travelling the globe spreading her long hair message to stylists in postcodes from the US to Iran… and they absolutely LOVE her! As do we. We took a trip down memory lane with the amazing Ms Blain, so join us in celebrating this momentous milestone.

Renya Xydis – our cover star this issue and without a doubt, Australia’s most formidable session stylist. Renya is at the pulse of fashion like no other hairdresser, yet she’s also a powerhouse salon owner, celebrity stylist to the likes of Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman, and most importantly, a wife and mother. She might be hairdressing royalty, but Renya is also a mentor to many and basically, a killer stylist who absolutely loves what she does and creates the most beautiful hair time and time again. Admire her handiwork inside and don’t miss the opportunity to witness this genius stylist in action at Hair Expo this year.

There are so many more inspirational people in our industry, too many to mention, from educators, to colourists, salon owners to marketers, up and comers through to legends. All inspiring in their own ways. And let it be known, you do make a difference in this industry. Every single one of you.

Stand up and take a bow, because no matter what accolades you win or don’t, remember that you and your work have a positive and sometimes life changing impact on those around you.

And for that we salute you.

Jenny Burns





Wednesday, 22nd April 2015by culture HQ