Editorial Policy




culture’s mission and voice is 100% Hairdresser.

However culture wouldn’t be possible without the investment and commitment from the companies who support it via brand messaging, and so we have designed culture Magazine and culturemag.com.au to be a place where hairdressing professionals and brands can meet creatively, with mutual respect and a common interest to better the craft.

Our branded content belief is to ensure that all sponsored material published in culture Magazine and on culturemag.com.au is ALWAYS made clear to the reader, either with a loud and proud tag – e.g. culture Plug – or done so via a short message such as this: This blog spot is proudly sponsored by [BRAND] and endorsed by culturemag.com.au. Thanks for supporting the brand partners who make culturemag.com.au possible. Click here for more information on our branded content policy.

culture will not publish content that has been the result of a direct commercial exchange without publically notifying the reader at some point in the applicable featured content. All content that has been submitted to culture for editorial consideration will be published only at the discretion of the culture editorial team.

We want to ensure that every culture space is a space of authenticity, inspiration and purpose, which is why culture takes great care to specially design all features (whether in print or as a blog post) in the most engaging way possible – always taking an exclusive, unique approach wherever possible – to ensure they capture attention, entertain and inform.

Our promise to our readers and to our brand partners is that we will only share content in a way that we are confident our readers will enjoy, and that is both relevant and contributes positively to this industry and to the life of a creative professional.


If you have any further questions about the content you see in culture Magazine or on culturemag.com.au, please click HERE to contact cultureHQ with your query or call (+617) 3216 1376 to discuss.